About MASDAC Church

Worship at MASDAC

At MASDAC, we offer two concurrent worship services on most Saturdays starting at 11.05am, a bilingual (English/Mandarin) worship service and an English only worship service.  If you have not visited us, please come and check us out and be blessed!  Following worship, you are invited to stay and fellowship over a delicious lunch.

在墨尔本亚洲基督复临安息日会(MASDAC),我们在每个星期六的上午11点05分同时进行两个崇拜聚会,双语(英语/普通话)崇拜和仅英语的崇拜。如果您还没有访问过我们,请前来到访并接受祝福! 崇拜过后,请您留下来团契并享用美味的午餐。