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Chinese Ministry

Chinese Ministry

Our Chinese Ministry is here to serve the Mandarin and Cantonese speaking community. We welcome everybody, young and old.

We aim to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Chinese speaking community, study the Bible together, encourage and support each other and learn to live out the teachings of Jesus.

Our regular activities:

  1. Care group meetings: Base on the teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible, we strive to build up friendship and to learn of God and His salvation. We have a Mandarin young adults care group in Hughesdale , Mandarin adult care groups in Box Hill, Doncaster East, Forest Hill, Vermont, Mooroolbark and Tarneit and a Cantonese adult care group in Doncaster East. These care groups meet on different times during the week.
  2. Saturday programs : (i) Bible Study at 9:30 am: To help us to understand the Bible better and to empower us to live out truth. (ii) Worship at 11:00 am: To experience the joy of worshipping God and the peace we get from it.

We also have irregular Mandarin health talks and outdoor activities such as badminton and an exercise class on Sunday.

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我们的目标是为社区里说中文的人士宣扬耶稣基督的福音, 大家一同研究圣经, 并互相帮助, 互相鼓励, 学习在生活上实行耶稣的教训。


  1. 关怀小组团契: 以圣经为根, 耶稣的教导为基, 彼此建立友谊, 学习认识上帝和祂的救恩。普通话关怀小组团契分为青年中文小组在Hughesdale, 成人中文小组分别在Box Hill, Doncaster East, Forstest Hill,Vermont, Mooroolbark 和Tarneit,而成人粤语小组在Doncaster East 区举行。关怀小组团契是在平日的不同时间举行。
  2. 星期六活动: 圣经研究(上午9点30分):帮助我们更好地理解圣经并赋予我们实现真理的能力。崇拜(上午11 点): 亲身经历敬拜上帝的喜乐, 从而得到内心的平安。

假如您想知道更多信息, 请电邮到。

Fellowship Worship Branches:

  1. Agape Gospel Fellowship
    Date and Time: Every Saturday afternoon from 4:00pm to 6:15pm
    Address: 229 Heath Road, Werribee
  2. Hope Christian Fellowship (both Mandarin and Cantonese sessions)
    Date and Time: Every Saturday afternoon from 3:00pm to 5:00pm
    Address: 901 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East


  1. 爱之聚福音团契

    时间: 每逢周六下午四时至六时十五分

    地址: 229 Heath Road, Werribee

  2. 盼望团契 (国语组和广东话组)

    时间: 每逢周六下午三时至五时

    地址: 901 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East